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The following FAQ section also serves as the terms of agreement to anyone purchasing my

software, systems, and training. Please read carefully.

Do I have to pay anything to get started working with terrywilson3?


  1. We offer hourly jobs outside of our business for those who are in need of a job. If you are unemployed and do not have the time or money to start a sales, business, or entrepreneur opportunity then I STRONGLY RECOMMEND START HERE. I DO NOT WANT ANYONE taking risk they have neither the time or money to take. You can go to terrywilson3.com/jobs and find hourly work that we recommend. Get financially healthy and then come back to some of our other opportunities.
  2. We offer a direct sales position at no charge, cost, or fee to get started selling our software & system. We give you software to extract leads to call, and we give you scripts, sales videos, and marketing assets to use immediately to get started ASAP. This is what we call our affiliate position, or sales rep position. It pays $100 – $300 per sale. There are some basic requirements though.
  • Reliable Phone Service
  • Quiet Area to Work
  • Computer with Internet

Professional Work Ethic This position can be enrolled into by going to affiliatewithtw.com Sales Affiliates must generate their own leads as they do not have our system to drive their own leads. We do provide Sales Affiliates with a data mining software free of charge to harvest leads, but these are cold leads that would have to be called in order to generate business. What do I get with the various packages


Affiliate Member / Sales Rep : FREE

Resell Rights to Systems & Software (see comp schedule below)

Links to send prospective clients

Data Mining Software to pull leads (discount of $1 for 7days)

Scripts to use to place outbound calls

Ongoing Training by Trainer & Staff

Rep Member: $997 + $97 per mo

Agent Lead Tool Voice Broadcaster ® Auto Dialer ($.02 per min + data)

Bulk Text with voice drop access

Bulk Email access

Filtered Scrubbed Data List Access

Landing Page Creator

On Demand Webinar Creator

Social Media Graphic Design WYSIWYG

Call Center Access

Rep Training Videos

Blog & Mobile Site

Curator Software & Popup Plugin

Re-Sell Rights to TW3/MBTi Coaching Package

Plus Member: $1497 + $97 per mo

Agent Lead Tool Voice Broadcaster ® Auto Dialer ($.02 per min + data)

Bulk Text with voice drop access

Bulk Email access

Filtered Scrubbed Data List Access

Landing Page Creator

On Demand Webinar Creator

Social Media Graphic Design WYSIWYG

Call Center Access

Rep Training Videos

RMP+ System

RMP Training Series

Master Mind Training

4 1 on 1 coaching sessions with an ELT Trainer Picked by Terry

Blog & Mobile Site

Curator Software & Popup Plugin

Re-Sell Rights to TW3/MBTi Coaching Package

Elite Member: $3497 + 97 per mo

Agent Lead Tool Voice Broadcaster ® Auto Dialer ($.02 per min + data)

Bulk Text with voice drop access

Bulk Email access

Filtered Scrubbed Data List Access

On Demand Webinar Creator

Landing Page Creator

On Demand Webinar Creator

Social Media Graphic Design WYSIWYG

Call Center Access

Rep Training Videos

RMP+ System

RMP Training Series

Master Mind Membership (weekly live training)

4 1 on 1 coaching sessions with Terry

TW3 Podcaster

Auto Scheduler


Curator Software & Popup Plugin

Re-Sell Rights to TW3/MBTi Coaching Package

Mobile Website

Social Media Retargeting System

Residual Comp Plan

What do I Earn as a member/trainer?

$750 on a rep package

$1000 on a plus package

$1500 on an Elite package*

$147 on TW3/MBTi Coaching Package


What do I Earn as an affiliate/sales rep?

$100 on a rep package

$150 on a plus package

$300 on an Elite package



Initial commission on package sales same as all others

Monthly admin fee comp of $50 per active member after first month

Access to sell our APS Enterprise System® How Quickly and How am I paid

Your paid immediately after sell through your merchant account

Direct deposit either through a merchant account or paypal. You choose how process CC payments

If doing Push Marketing via 3rd parties each contract is handled on a case by case basis


Do I have to pass up any of my sales, or split commissions with anyone?

No. This is not a network marketing, or MLM business. This is a direct sales opportunity if you re-sell our system. Some older systems in the past we offered had a pass up, and commission split on the monthly admin fee. There are no pass ups when you sell a system, but the admin fees are not commissionable.


What are my re-sell rights to the system?

As a member or an affiliate you have rights to re-sell the system as long as you are active and compliant with our codes of conduct. When becoming a member or affiliate we have a strict code of conduct in how we want our brand represented. Any breach of this code of conduct will immediately forfeit your re-sell rights of our system with no refund to your purchase. Some of these codes, but not limited to are:

1. Representing our system as a get rich quick scheme

2. Guaranteeing an income or time frame of earnings

3. Misrepresenting use of tools or training

4. Cross selling other opportunities inside the tw3 call center. (You are allowed to promote any product, good, or service using the system but it must be outside of our call center and setting up your own with the software & tools shown)

  • Other infractions no listed but not limited to for grounds for re-sell rights being forfeited is not complying to request from Terry, TW3 Ticket Support, or other TW3 support staff. Becoming hostile, belligerent, or derogatory toward the product, brand, or business in general. Using training, products, systems, or software in what Terry deems unethical or undermining to the desired culture, environment, or branding context in which we desired to operate within.


Will I be trained, and if so how?

• Yes. We have Wed Night live trainings per month that is offered to every member, as well as hours of training videos. Our Elite members are offered access to our live mastermind group trainings, mastermind video library, and access to 1 on 1 coaching. Your on boarding sales rep & trainer is responsible for insuring you receive all information & training provided in your individual package. We also offer private weekly midweek trainings for members only. These are available at least 9 months out of the year.


When I first buy your system how long will it take to start making money?

• It normally takes around 48 hours to have your back office set up. You will need to be able to take credit cards via merchant service such as PayPal, Square, or some other merchant account if you plan on re-selling the system. Please allot time, and have this done as soon as possible to be able to process your orders that come through. Once this is all taken care of you are ready to take orders. I recommend using square as our members can use them for free. Special link in your back office is given after enrolling for this service


What does the average new agent make after they start?

• It normally takes around two weeks for a new agent to see their first sale closed. Many have made sales in their first week, but the average agent starts seeing sales coming in within their 2nd week. 2-3 sales are normal in week 2 to 3, and then 3-5 afterwards. The most important thing a new agent can do is stay focused on taking inbound calls, and following up with clients spoken with the next day. There are no guarantees to this business, but there are statistical best practices that if followed will yield results.


Can I make a 6 figure income or better with this?

• YES!! And many do. Unlike many business opportunities this one is unique in several ways.

You can make money without selling anything, but simply using our system to transfer calls over to our contracted inbound callcenters. Everything is automated so you never have to speak, sale, or follow up with anyone. Simply turn the system on and earn money

UNLIKE ANY BUSINESS I KNOW when you start with us you are not only getting a product, good, or service to sale, but existing traffic contacting you to make a purchase.


What is transferal work, or push marketing?

• I have existing business relationships with companies like Liberty Mutual, State Farm, Lending Tree, Free Credit Report, Life Alert, Life Loc, and several other companies. When you are in my call center you can use our automation system to make auto dials to a list filtered and scrubbed contacts to offer them a free quote, or speak with a representative. If they press 1 to transfer over to the contracted call center you are paid $5 for the transferal. Because our system can transfer 20 – 30 people per hour the earning potential is huge.


How many calls will I receive in the call center?

• The average call & lead booster yields 25 leads. We can not guarantee the turn around time for this as traffic may vary. However we offer training on using our systems to start driving more traffic to your extension & funnel as well to increase your volume. We ONLY guarantee the amount of leads. WE DO NOT guarantee turnaround time, nor closing rates of sales from leads.


Where do the leads from the booster I receive come from? How are people reaching me?

• We advertise on the web, podcast, broadcast, and several other online mediums. The leads you receive will be people who are responding to an ad, email, or marketing piece. You do not have to generate this traffic yourself but can through using the system if you want. You can purchase boosters from us, or do as we show you to provide the leads yourself. We will work with you to show you exactly how to drive traffic in order to be successful.


How often, when, and how am I paid?

• On re-sell of our systems, software, and product it is totally set to the terms of the merchant services provider you use. In most cases once a card payment is processed you will have immediate access to the funds, or within 48 hours if being transferred to your bank. When you are being paid for call transferal work (push marketing) you are paid once per month.


How am I paid if I’m inactive?

You must be current with your monthly admin payments to receive the membership pay schedule. If a sell comes through while you are inactive (not current with monthly admin fee) your sell will be treated and paid as if you were an affiliate.


How are my sells tracked

• On the checkout of our form at buytwleadsystem.com please make sure your client puts in your name as either the Recruiter if you are a trainer/member, or as the affiliate if you are an affiliate/sales rep. This is the only way we can verify your business. Failing to do so may prevent the sale to process correctly, and causing a loss of commissions.


Is this something I can do part time?

• Yes. You work when you want. You simply log into your back office and press the green light when you want to work. You can take calls as much as you want, or as little as you want.


Do I need a special phone, computer, or other equipment?

• No. You can use any type of phone (cell, VOIP, landline) and any computer will work as the software we use is cloud base. PC or Mac will work with our call center software.


Why do I have to pay a $97 per mo license fee?

• Because this is software and it must continually be maintained, upgraded, hosted, and supported. This cost is maintained by the licensing fee. Every time Facebook, Google, or Microsoft / Apple changes something the software must be upgraded to stay current. This also covers the hosting cost of all of the various systems as everything is cloud based. In addition to that when you have technical questions, or in need of support this fee covers that cost as well. This also covers your ongoing training and access to training material,

and your ext in the call center. The software & systems are not accessible if the admin fee is not current.

Additional fees to consider:

The auto dialer is $.02 per min (+ filtered scrubbed data – subject to change)

The bulk emailer & text system are priced according to usage

Ad Posting & Social Media Post if offering platform as a business opportunity.

Can I offer my clients the training & push marketing opportunities you offer me?

• Yes. Everything I am offering in the way of the software, training, push marketing opportunities, ancillary software included within my business opportunity is offered not only to you, but there for you to offer your clients too. Please note that my private meetings are a paid for meeting you can attend. Sharing this info, distributing, recording, or any unauthorized use of my material will result in an immediate termination of your licensing with me. You will still own and keep all software as purchased, but re-sell rights, and franchise agreements with me will be terminated if this is violated.


How long have you been doing this?

• The marketing system, software, and business assets I offer in my biz op have been used by me for over 10 years. I have won awards in 2 different industries as top sales producers, and generated a consistent mid 6 figure income through this business mode for over 10 years.


Can I call you if I have questions?

We only offer phone support to Elite members, but we have a full ticket support for all members. ELT members MUST BOOK their time for call through Terry’s cal.


Technical questions need to be directed within your back office to tech support.

• In your first week I try to be as responsive as possible to make sure you’re up and running. If you are a Plus or Elite member I offer 1 on 1 coaching for 1 month, and unlimited access to my weekly live training in which you can ask questions.


Does everyone who buys your system make money?

• No. However I am very proud that 83% keep their license active and find success. The people who find the fastest, and greatest success within my business are ones who don’t try to re-invent the system, but simply use the scripts, methods, and verticals provided. When you first get into the back office you will be exposed to a lot of opportunities. This can be very overwhelming for some, and for those who are entrepreneurial minded it canbe very exciting, but also a distraction. Learn to walk before you run. Forget all of the techie stuff and simply answer the phone, read the script, and sale the system. That is the fastest and easiest way to make money.


I’m not a technical person. Can someone like me make money in your system since a lot of your business is software based?

• YES. Many of my most successful reps are people who don’t even use the computer, but simply answer the phone and explain what the software does. This requires no more technical ability than simply answering the phone, and reading a script.


At some point if I want to pursue other opportunities, or simply just want to quit am I locked into any type of contract?

• No. There is no contract, or obligation to keep paying your monthly licensing fee. You can cancel at anytime. YOU MUST GIVE A MIN of 48 notice before your renewal date to avoid that months admin fee charge. Note that software & systems will not be accessible unless admin fees are current. You can rejoin at anytime and only pay admin fee to renew your membership. PLEASE NOTE that if a monthly admin fee is not paid ALL CONTENT on your system, site, and software will only be held for 5 days. Afterward the content and site will be wiped and deleted.

Do you offer a trial period?

• No. My software, server space, and systems offer no trial period. The software must be purchased before we can get started. Also all of the content is digital so there is no way offering a return.

Can I use the software, and other marketing assets to promote other businesses.

• Yes as an independent rep the software, license, and other assets I offer are yours to use however you wish to promote any business you want. This is NOT a franchise, you are buying software and training on how to use it. As such you are free to manage your business as you wish.

Are there any refunds, or guarantees?

There are no refunds as the amount being paid is to purchase the software & digital content. However I do guarantee the software performs as described and portrayed. What I am offering is a tool, and training to use the tool. Various marketing strategies or package content may have changed since recording of any specific video seen. Please consult this page for the most current package content, and your rep for most current & compliant marketing strategies. Individual results can not be guaranteed due to individuals varying degree of ability, availability, capability, and coach-ability. I do guarantee you will receive all of the software, and training purchased, and that I will in good faith do all that I can do to consult, coach, and train you to be as successful as possible. The software manufacturer offers weekly training, and I offer additional training as well. Please note that any charge backs will be refuted until overturned. Because of some nefarious activities by others online simply trying to rob content, training, and access we have a zero tolerance to chargebacks and will exercise all legal rights to remedy breach of agreement. All disputes will be arbitrated, and litigated in the state of SC. Additional fees to recoup cost from charge backs could be administered on top of any legal fees.