Father Paul Leonard Kramer is a Traditional Roman Rite Priest who says the only Catholic Mass of the Roman Rite, the Traditional Latin Mass.


Kramer is an Irish-American native of Bristol, Connecticut, USA, who studied philosophy and theology in Rome at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas during the 1970s, and was ordained to the priesthood on April, 20, 1980 by Bishop Vittorio M. Costantini O.F.M. Conv. in the Cathedral of Sessa Aurunca (CA) Italy.


Father Kramer is also fluent in Latin and is the last of the living experts on the Fatima Prophecies.


The first was the great visionary, exorcist, author and Traditional Latin Mass priest, Father Malachy Martin.


Father Martin died mysteriously in 2001. There are at least two different accounts of his death. One of which was that he fell off of a ladder and the other was that he fell down steps in his wheelchair.


Father Malachy Martin made a lot of enemies in Rome in particular because he was exposing what was going on since a Satanic council was held in 1962 called Vatican II.


The second of the living experts who died in 2015 was Father Nicholas Gruner. Father Gruner was personal friends with both Father Malachy Martin and Father Paul Kramer.


Father Kramer is also an expert on Freemasonry which has invaded The Church on every level.


In the book, “To Deceive The Elect”, Father Kramer illustrates how a validly elected Pope cannot be a manifest heretic.


Since 2013, people have been operating under a “false premise”, that Jorge Bergoglio, better known to the world as “pope Francis” is the real pope.


He is not and Father Kramer proves it in this book.


There simply cannot be two validly elected popes alive at the same time. This has never happened before in the history of 2000 years of Christendom. 


This cannot happen. There is no such title, office, or department as “Pope Emeritus”. 


What we are witnessing is a demonic deceit and con job just like the satanic council of Vatican II in 1962, only way worse.


This book is a shocking expose on how the entire world except for a few has been fooled by the masquerade going on in the Vatican since 2013.


To order the book :



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