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My name is Jeff Klump from Creve Coeur, Missouri, and I am a digital marketer, writer & blogger, and work-from-home business opportunity, specialist.

I am here to introduce to you an opportunity that provides monthly residual & passive income.

Ameriplan USA is the largest discount healthcare, dental care, vision, and RX plan in the country.

✅This is a direct sales opportunity from home that does not require you to keep inventory with “lotions or potions.”

✅There is no real, legitimate business opportunity that you can get involved with for under $500 except Ameriplan.

✅Since Ameriplan is not insurance, there is no license required to market and sell their products.

✅This is also a great product for people in the insurance business, realtors, and anyone in the MLM business.

We show you how to develop your own leads so you are not bothering your friends or relatives.

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