Hello & Welcome!
My name is Jeff Klump.
I am a father of two girls, widowed, an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Researcher, Nutritional Consultant, a former Independent Insurance Agent for 27 years, writer, blogger, an original member of The Guardian Angels Crime Fighting Unit-Saint Louis Chapter, Latin Mass Catholic, and currently writing a book on Post-Traumatic Stress, Grief, and Depression and on Covid 19. I also have a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.
In 2011, my world collapsed. My best friend and spouse was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Multiple Myeloma.
Her prognosis was 5 years and that was right on target. She died in April of 2016. She bled to death internally and the sight of that was ghastly to say the least.
In 2017, my mom died.
In 2018, my sister Carolyn died from pancreatic cancer. 
In 2019, I had two mild strokes and two “mini-strokes”. I had no insurance during my hospitalization, so you can imagine the debt outstanding that I have. 
The past several years have been very difficult for me and my girls. On top of that, I have entered new businesses without any prior experience or knowledge. 
I want to learn new skills and I won’t let personal tragedies or fear keep me down. 
I started MEK Enterprises as a way of making money through different types of revenue streams all working from home.
The company uses a modified Word Press platform developed by Terry Wilson at TW3 who has been in the digital marketing, advertising, and work from home space for years. 
The system and tools that he has developed can help anyone start a business from home, help businesses and individuals increase lead generation, web traffic, social media presence, and eventually, new client acquisition for companies large or small, and can also be used if you already have a business. The system can also be bought and resold for a generous commission.
MEK Enterprises will be using this system in a variety of ways looking to help individuals and businesses grow and prosper.
Come and join us on this great adventure!





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Cell Number => 314.624.5460