The Coronavirus, Quarantines, and Freemason & Traitor Donald Trump’s Martial Law End Game

Written by: Jeffrey L. Klump


In 2015, I warned people about Donald Trump. I told people that Trump was the ultimate Trojan Horse. 

I told people that Trump was a Freemason, a serial philanderer, and under total control of Satanic International Zionism.

My warnings fell on deaf ears. 

I also told people that Trump would bring in the second and final phase of the financial collapse and martial law. 

The first phase of the financial collapse took place in 2008. 

In 2008, Wall Street and The Banker’s were bailed out to the tune of billions and billions of dollars. 

Millions of Americans were forced out of their homes. There was no bailout for them. 

No one went to jail. Psst… Did you catch that? No banker went to jail!

Fast forward to September 2019. In September, The Federal Reserve had a big problem. 

Overnight interest rates in the repo market soared to over 10%.

I won’t get technical with you, but, the repo market is the plumbing to the financial system. 

The pipes were frozen due to the spike in overnight rates. 

Let’s be clear here. If interest rates in the U.S. bond market ever spike above 3% the entire financial system of the United States will be frozen. 

Only this time, it will be way worse than in 2008 because trillions and trillions of more worthless treasury bonds were printed to bailout the banker’s.

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Since Septmber 2019, the injections from the Federal Reserve and their criminal co-conspirator’s in the U.S. Treasury Department, have gone from millions each day to billions. 

The amounts continue to increase each day and we are getting close to trillions of dollars. 

Remember back in September, Federal Reserve Chairman said the injections into the Repo market would be temporary. 

I am old enough to remember when Richard Nixon, a republican, said that going off of the gold standard would be temporary. 

The problem is not the repo market. It is the 1.4 quadrillion in credit derivatives that go back to the first phase of the financial crisis in 2008. 

Several large banks including JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Deutsche Bank in Germany, are insolvent. 

The Federal Reserve is trying a back door bailout but it isn’t working. 

They needed a distraction for the American people and that is why we had the impeachment theater for the past several months. 

In 2016, our Zionist masters and Freemasonry knew that Hillary Clinton would not fly as a president.

Those who claim to be “conservative” would be up in arms with another Clinton in the White House. 

She was damaged goods, and unlikely to survive in office. 

They needed someone on the Republican side who was one of their own and easily blackmail-able, and who the so-called conservatives could rally around.

The plan was brilliant. 

Find someone who would tell them exactly what they wanted to hear. 

Close the borders, bring our troops home, end abortion, fix our roads and infrastructure, none of which has happened after 4 years. 

Enter Freemason & Traitor, Donald J. Trump.





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The name of the game in Washington is black mail. 

Whoever has the black mail files, also nick-named “control files” by CAF, Catherine Austin Fitts, a Bush cabinet member in the 1990’s, holds the real power in D.C.

The satanic International Zionists and Freemasons hold those control files. 

Everyone in D.C. is blackmail-able. 

It is common knowledge that Republican Lindsey Graham is a closet homosexual. 

What is lesser known is that Trump had a sexual relationship with his mentor Roy Cohn in the 1970’s, pictured below. 

That’s right Trump plays both sides of the aisle and I am not talking about Democrat and Republican, either. Different aisle all together.

Trump’s continued serial philandering can also be a matter subject to black mail.

The idea that Trump is cleaning up the so-called “swamp” is laughable. Trump is the swamp!

These satanic forces of Freemasonry and International Zionism will use any method necessary to instill their will. 

Trump is just their latest puppet. 

They know that the American people are too stupid to come out of their trance. 

If they did, and came together instead of being divided, the end of tyranny by these demonic forces would come soon. 

They know that they are outnumbered by the American people.

Trump is just another divider like his predecessor Barry Soetoro, better known as Barack Obama. 

Since the theater of impeachment has come to an end, our Zionist masters need something else to occupy the space in our brains. 

Anything to keep the American people away from watching the collapse of our banking system and the illegal banker bailout that is going on for a second time in 11 years. 

Enter the Coronavirus. 

The plan once again is brilliant. 

Scare the hell out of the American people, like 9/11, and have the subject be something different than terrorism. 

The American people were beginning to wake up when it comes to the phony war on terror and 9/11. 

No one knows why we are still in the longest war in American history, in Afghanistan. 

Hint: it is not because of Al-whatever you called it, or the Taliban. Hey Mr. Taliban, Taliban. 

No, it was always about narcotics. Heroin is a multi,multi billion dollar business for the C.I.A.

The Coronavirus is real and it is a bio weapon to be sure. 

This works out beautifully for Freemasonry and International Zionism and their long awaited plan to have a one world socialist government headquartered in Jerusalem. 

When Trump changed the capital of the apartheid state of Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he paved the way for this one world government and for the “false jewish messiah”, better known to Catholics as Anti christ, to sit atop.

Best of all, the blame can be put on the communist Chinese government. 

This, not only takes the American people’s minds away from the collapse of our banking system, but it is also preparing the American people in a subliminal way, for martial law here. 

Freemason Trump must continue to lie about the Coronavirus so his precious “rigged” stock market does not collapse. 

The Coronavirus is the perfect way to instill fear, panic, and martial law on a planetary scale, including here in the United States. 
The foolish Trump supporters will be all in for martial law claiming it will be necessary for order.  
The unsuspecting Trump supporters will seal their doom. 
If Trump believes this Coronavirus is under control, why then, did he open 11 U.S. air bases for quarantine and detention?

In a recent report from the Miami Herald, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense are setting up “quarantine centers” for the Coronavirus near 11 major airports.
Since there is little known about the Coronavirus, how and who is going to make the determination of who ends up in a detention camp here?
Will the military and police be pulling American citizens out of their homes like what is going on in China?

The Chinese do not have the Constitution. They have no second amendment. 

Are Americans prepared to resist and if necessary use their firearms against the police and military?

These are questions that the American people need to start thinking about. 

The Coronavirus also is perfect because for a long time, these satan worshippers have been reducing the worlds population through abortion and gay rights. 
This virus, if that dangerous, will also help in a big way with population reduction. 

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When it comes to Freemason Donald Trump, watch what he does, not what he says. He is a master propagandist. 

Trump “says” the virus is under control, but he is opening 11 military bases near major airports. 

Again, watch what he does and not what he says.

Will those infected with this virus be the only ones sent to military bases? Are these bases really for them?

Is it possible these military bases that Trump just opened up, be for resisters against his one world socialist government headquartered in Jerusalem? 

One thing is for sure. This virus, like impeachment, has once again distracted the American people away from the banking collapse that has been ongoing since 2008. 

This time really is different. 

Trump will use this virus to install martial law using the military. 

Trump will do away with resisters. Resisters will be disappeared like in many 3rd world countries. 

They can no longer prop up the banking system. 

The Coronavirus and martial law will mask the financial collapse and hide the identity of the perpetrators.

This is Trump’s martial law end game. Trump installing martial law will be an act of treason far greater than what Benedict Arnold ever did. 

This is the end of the river alright. Nightmares.












Jeffrey L. Klump is a digital marketer, blogger, writer, insurance salesman for 27 years, and former member of the Guardian Angels.