Family Farms Are In Trouble


The number of family farms being sold or foreclosed on is rising rapidly

Written by: Jeffrey L. Klump 03/20/19


Family farms throughout the United States have been in trouble over the past several years especially since the devastating trade tariffs placed upon one of our largest trading partners, China has been enacted.


These tariffs have hurt family farmers in particular.


Although the White House has offered billions in relief for farmers, they do not want welfare, which this certainly would be.


Family farmers want to work the land without any handouts.


Some Americans still believe that their food comes from the supermarket.


That is how detached Americans have become from the rural agricultural areas of the country.


Family farmers are indeed the backbone of our country.


They are among the hardest working group of Americans we have.


Their support by the population is imperative if we want to live in a free country.


Food has always been used by governments over the centuries as a weapon against the people.


Outside of family farms, the only source of food comes from the big combines which are owned by multinational corporations.


Food raised by family farmers is cleaner and healthier for us without the use of dangerous herbicides and pesticides.



Trade tariffs are not the only thing causing problems for family farmers.


Climate change has had a huge impact on crop production and livestock.


Extreme weather will cause more frequent droughts and flooding and alter growing seasons.


Climate change will increase the frequency of extreme precipitation events which in turn will lead to further soil erosion on working farmlands.


Livestock will also suffer from heat and cold stress from the wild and crazy weather patterns that the United States continues to undergo.


Bankruptcies continue to rise for family farmers especially in the Midwest.


Although they are lower compared to previous years, with the uncertainty of trade relations with China and others, and weather patterns that continue to be unpredictable, bankruptcies are likely to rise in the near future.



What can we do it about it? One thing consumers can do is cut out the middle man.


Supermarkets are the middle man for farmers whether it be family farmers or the big combines like Con Agra.


Most metropolitan areas have family farmers that bring their products into the urban and suburban areas on a monthly if not weekly basis.


You’re not only eating healthier by purchasing from family farms, but you’re also likely to save on your monthly food bill as well.


Another way that you can show support is by writing a letter or sending an email to a family farmer and thanking them for what they do and by asking them if there is anything that you can do for them.


We show our support for the military. There is no reason why we can’t show our support for family farmers who put healthy food on our tables. 



The only thing that really matters to the big combines that are owned by multinational corporations at the end of the day is that they are making a profit and the more they get the more they want.


Sad to say the corporations are now taking over the organic dairy industry by sizing up large 1000+ cow dairies and going certified organic and just barely meeting the organic standards if they even meet them.


A lot of them hire their own inspectors and create most of their own rules and standards.


So that means they aren’t nearly as strict with their rules or standards.


The future looks bleak for family farmers.


There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight for the trade tariffs that are crippling the agriculture business at this time.


As far as the weather is concerned, who knows? 


Americans have been spoiled far too long compared to other countries when it comes to food.


There is food and then there is healthy food.


We as Americans need to do whatever we can to support the backbone of our country.


The family farmer!  



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