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There really are only two guarantee’s in life, and that is death and taxes. 


One of these guarantee’s you cannot do anything about. I am referring to paying taxes. 


The other guarantee, death, you cannot do anything about either, but, you sure can help out the ones you love, who could be put in a terrible situation after you are gone.


Life Insurance is about Love, plain and simple


We all need more of it if we have any at all. 


I am a perfect example of not taking my own advice


When I first put life insurance on myself and my wife, I loaded up with a lot on me, and very little on my wife. 


That was a big mistake on my part. You see, you never know what else can occur or come into play after you lose a loved one.  My wife was a stay at home mom, and she had the good Italian genes.


Never in my wildest dreams, would I have thought that she be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that I never heard of.


I did not use logic and reason when it came to the decision of buying life insurance for myself and my wife.


Although my children weren’t young, they weren’t licensed to drive at the time, either. 


I sold out of a business in 2015 and eventually found myself without any income going on 18 months now. 


Something else that can come into play that you never expect is Post Traumatic Stress.


This has been a huge problem for me and makes everyday life for me a challenge. You hear about PTSD when it comes to our military coming back from war, but, anyone can have this if they witnessed a horrific event. 


More life insurance would not bring my wife back, but, it would have given our family a much better chance in this world financially.


Don’t make the same mistake I made. 


You will die. That’s a guarantee, along with paying taxes. 


Life insurance is about Love, plain and simple.