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Welcome to the home of the Lead Traffic Generator, brought to you by MEK Enterprises, LLC.


No matter what type of business you are in, real estate, mortgage lending, insurance, restaurants, automobile dealership, retail of any kind, law firms, having people to talk to, is essential for a business to grow and prosper.


There are ways to generate quality leads to put your product or service in front of more potential clients.


Digital advertising & marketing isn’t for novices. It is a multi million dollar business. We have have the platform and software to make any novice into a professional in a short period of time. 


This is the only platform can be used by you in your current business, or you can re sell it to other individuals and companies that are looking for new clients to take their business to the next level, for a generous commission


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Take your time and review the videos below and information on this site to see what option works best for you. 


You can call me at anytime to discuss your digital marketing, lead generation, and web traffic needs.


My phone number is 800.673.1728 ext 1071, or 314.499.6139


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Take a look at some of the videos below that demonstrate how our system can help.


This Is Your Back Office Dashboard If You Purchase The "Elite Package" From The TW3 Digital Marketing Platform!

These are just a few of the industries that our platform and software can help increase company growth and retention!